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The Big Sing (TBS) is managed by The Big Sing Committee:

  • John Rosser (The Big Sing Director)
  • Elizabeth Crayford (TBS National Coordinator)
  • Cathryn Wyllie (Operations Manager)
  • Peter Watts
  • Robert Wiremu

For any regional TBS enquiries, please email your regional coordinator in the first instance, or The Big Sing national coordinator below.

For any repertoire enquiries, please contact John Rosser The Big Sing Director, john.rosser@nzcf.org.nz

For any enquiries about The Big Sing, please contact the TBS National Coordinator, below.

E Crayford copy
TBS National Coordinator
Elizabeth Crayford

Telephone 021 523 015



Future Finales
The following are the provisional dates for The Big Sing Finale (subject to change): 2020 Christchurch (Thurs 27-Sat 29 August in the Christchurch Town Hall, TBC); 2021 Auckland (26-28 August)  
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