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For all choirs

  1. A school may enter as many choirs as it wishes, and more than one school may combine to form a choir. Community children’s choirs may also participate. All members of each choir must be involved in that choir’s performance, although some solo or ensemble work is also permitted.
  2. A choir should have at least 12 singers, with no maximum number.
  3. Conductors, accompanists and backing musicians may be adults or students.
  4. Audio backing may be used where appropriate.
  5. Microphones may be used if appropriate to the musical style, e.g. vocal jazz.
  6. Choir directors and accompanying adults are responsible for the supervision of their choir/s at all times.
  7. Competing choirs must learn and perform the festival song. Schools may photocopy up to five copies of each original piece of music for use with the school choirs as long as the school holds a current APRA/AMCOS licence.
  8. Choirs should also perform at least one work by a New Zealand composer.
  9. Choir directors will be requested to provide the Regional Coordinator with one published or clear manuscript copy (or words where no written music exists) of each piece to be sung. This is not required for choirs giving ‘performance only without feedback’ (category 2a).
  10. The school must hold a current APRA licence. The Music in Schools licence is administered by the NZSTA through OneMusic (www.onemusicnz.com). To apply for a licence, call 0800 663 486.

 For choirs giving a graded performance
Each choir must present a varied programme of three pieces of up to ten minutes total aggregate performance time, which includes a composition/arrangement by a New Zealand composer, and the festival song selected by the region in consultation with the adjudicator.

  1. Primary (CP) competing choirs should perform at least one piece in parts, or with a descant.
  2. Full Primary/Intermediate (FP) competing choirs should include at least two pieces sung in parts.

Fees for 2019

 Number of singers Fee
Up to 20 singers $45
21-30 singers $75
31-40 singers $105
41-50 singers $135
51-60 singers $165
61-70 singers $195
Over 70 $200