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Cadenza – a new TBS initiative

The Big Sing Committee, in conjunction with members of the National Advisory Committee, has been working on a proposal to introduce a separate set of ‘finals’ each year for TBS choirs who don’t make National Finale.

The proposal is to call this event ‘The Big Sing Cadenza’ – a cadenza typically being a virtuosic flourish before the final note. It would be held in three centres each year: one in the South Island and one each in the lower and upper halves of the North Island. Twelve choirs would participate in each centre, with the result that another 36 choirs from around the country would get to experience a Finale-type atmosphere.

Cadenza will likely be a day shorter than National Finale but offer ample time for the 12 choirs in each case to compete, learn and mingle. Awards would be given in similar fashion to Finale.

NZCF would like to première TBS Cadenza in 2019. So that we can continue to move quickly but wisely on this initiative, we are currently surveying TBS directors around the country.

We’re pleased that our new funding agreement with MYD will contribute to the development costs of this initiative.