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Association of Choral Directors
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Fantastic new benefits for ACD members

ACD Membership is granted to all with an interest in choral conducting upon payment of the annual subscription or, automatically, to those conductors taking part in The Big Sing or The Kids Sing this year.

There are some fantastic new benefits available to ACD members this year, some of which are only accessible through a unique username and password emailed to all ACD members on 26 April.

Join ACD here, if you are not already a member.




1) Complimentary one-year membership of the American Choral Directors Association
The American Choral Directors Association (ACDA) is one of the world’s largest organisations catering for choral musicians. ACD membership includes complimentary full access to their online resources.

2) NZCF’s new Repertoire Database
Compiled from many years of The Big Sing festival and regularly updated, the online repertoire database includes over 1,500 works with most of them searchable by title, composer, genre, degree of difficulty and other criteria.

3) Access to the premium section of Musica International’s website

The Virtual Choral Library is a collaborative multimedia database, developed by Musica International, a non-profit association. It is a multilingual tool and one of the most comprehensive sources of choral music information in the world.

4) Access to the ACD’s video channel
This video channel, restricted to ACD members, currently hosts three videos produced by the ACD:

  • Are you really singing? Achieving the correct resonance with children voices (Megan Flint)
  • The Ictus – the conductor’s point of contact (Karen Grylls)
  • Voice matching and singer placement in choirs (David Squire)
    More videos will be added in due course.

5) Learn from our ACD advisors – available to work with conductors and choirs
ACD Advisors are choral practitioners who contribute at a national level and who have indicated their availability to advise, coach or mentor other conductors, either individually, in small groups or in a workshop setting (with or without a choir). Conductors should make direct contact with the advisor to discuss their requirements, arrange the date, time and venue for the workshop, and negotiate an appropriate fee.

6) Other benefits

  • invitations to choral conducting workshops, conventions and other events
  • preferential acceptance to NZCF and ACD workshops where numbers are limited
  • a reduction (greater than that of personal members) on the entry fee to NZCF events
  • the opportunity to form networks with other conductors for encouragement and the sharing of information and resources
  • monthly eBreve and ACD’s Ictus quarterly newsletter
  • reductions on ticket prices to selected concerts
  • discounts on NZCF publications
  • voting rights at NZCF elections and other meetings.

For any enquiries about ACD membership, please contact Christine Argyle (Chief Executive) christine.argyle@nzcf.org.nz or Cathryn Wyllie cathryn.wyllie@nzcf.org.nz