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Manawatu-Whanganui The Kids Sing 2017

A very successful The Kids Sing festival was held at Prince Edward Auditorium, Wanganui Collegiate School, on Tuesday, August 15. Seven choirs from Bulls (pictured), Linton Camp, Palmerston North, Marton and Whanganui participated, involving 254 students. Each choir chose one of the three TKS categories and were given a 10-minute time slot for performance.

St George’s School and Linton Camp Senior Choir entered the Graded Performance category, with both choirs gaining Silver awards. There were also ‘festival awards’ for Best instrumentalist, Best stage performance, Best choir soloist, Best performance of a NZ work, and an Adjudicator’s Special Award. All choirs were eligible to win a festival award. Helen Willberg, QSM, made a fine job of adjudication, introducing enjoyable warmups and waiata. A festival song ‘Drunken Sailor’, arranged by Roy Tankersley, was a success with all choirs divided into four parts for a massed sing.

Watch a short video from the event.

TKS 2017 Manawatu-Whanganui Results:

Category A: (Participation)
Participation Award:  Mosston School Choir
Participation Award:  Saturday Music Choir

Category B (Performance with Feedback)
Performance Award:  James Cook School Choir
Performance Award:  Bulls School Choir
Performance Award:  Whanganui Intermediate School

Category C (Graded Performance)
Silver Award:  St George’s School Choir
Silver Award:  Linton Camp School Choir

Festival Awards
Best Choir Soloist: St George’s School
Best Choir Instrumentalist: Ukelele Trio Bulls School
Best Stage Presentation: Whanganui Intermediate School
Best Performance of NZ Work: James Cook School
Adjudicator’s Special Award: James Cook School

Report by Joanna Love (TKS Administrative Coordinator)