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NZCF guidelines for rehearsals under Alert Level 1

New Zealand is currently at Alert Level 1, as of 9 June. 

With the elimination of Covid-19 from New Zealand, we are now in the privileged position of being able to resume choir rehearsals with no restrictions. Sadly, our colleagues in countries where the virus is still rife are not able rehearse for several months to come. We are very fortunate to be living in a country where the virus is not present in our community. Nonetheless, we need to maintain good hygiene practices to ensure we all stay healthy.

Please note: We at NZCF are not health or legal professionals. Please do not consider this medical or legal advice. These guidelines are based on the NZ Government guidelines and advice we have received from Professor Michael Baker. We will update this page as and when the government guidelines change, or if there are known cases in New Zealand.

NZ Government Guidelines for Alert Level 1


Stay home if you are at all unwell

Choir management should reserve the right to turn away a singer displaying signs of being unwell.

Singers may consider carrying out their own temperature checks before attending rehearsals.


Contact tracing

Ensure that attendance registers are accurately recorded and contact lists are kept up to date. Taking a photo at rehearsals may be an additional means of recording attendance.


Wash/sanitise hands

Ensure there is access to hand washing/hand sanitiser at the door to the rehearsal room and in the bathrooms.


Coughs & sneezes 

Sneeze and cough into your elbow – this is good practice no matter the bug.


Space out at rehearsals

Continue to space out, as much as is practicable within the rehearsal room. Don’t sing in a circle formation – all the singers should face forward.


Ventilation in rehearsal rooms

Ensure adequate ventilation, with a minimum room temperature of 18°C.


Snacks & drinks

You may wish to limit the sharing of snacks and drinks at rehearsals.



Choir members who have travelled overseas and have completed the 2-week mandatory quarantine should communicate with choir management before returning to rehearsals.

Choirs may consider recording rehearsals for those who cannot attend. This will encourage members to exercise greater caution and to stay at home if remotely unwell.

Remember that members of your choir will have had different experiences over the last few months. Some may need some time to feel comfortable returning to rehearsals. Please be kind.